Atlanta Film Festival 2019, NYC Independent Film Festival 2019, POW Film Festival 2019, Harlem International Film Festival 2019, Women of Wonder Film Festival 2018

Director/Editor/Co-Writer: Lorena Duran

Producers: Maria Altamirano & Franmiris Gomez

Cinematography: Inés Gowland

Co-writer: Adrián Cárdenas

Inspired in the true events of a group of female villagers in the Dominican Republic that defended their fish-farm, after realizing their project was not welcome by the resident fishermen in town.

Cuñao // short doc

Dir/Editor/Camera Operator: Lorena Duran

Cuñao follows two Dominican fishermen working on a dam while updating one another with the latest gossip.

borderlands // sports short doc

Dir/Camera Op: Lorena Duran

Borderlands is the story of a Border Sports Festival in the limits of Dominican Republic and Haiti, that aims for competitions beyond race.